Sunday, October 29, 2017

Arts Reflection

This term we have been learning about the arts.  My learning is at the  relational level because throughout the first 4 weeks we created a dance. I helped choreograph it. I am good at thinking about what elements we need and how it might affect the movements put together for dance.

I choreographed it using these elements… twisting, turning, sliding, stepping, moving high and low, moving in curved and straight lines, moving forward, backward, big, small, fast and slow. Using these we created a 1 minute 10 second piece of art.

I am a hardworking team player and I support others ideas, plus I put lots of effort into our dance to make it as good as it is today.  I could improve my dance by being more bold with the actions and being more open to other suggestions from my group rather than just saying no because it is not the best thing/move for the team.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fun at Discovery

During Discovery in term 3 I have discovered how to create things, how to be responsible while using equipment, and how to share when I really didn't want to.  Over sometime I have learned if I change my activity each week I will be unsuccessful with the things that need time to get a good result.

I've been challenged to get gear when I’ve had short notice and sometimes I’ve forgotten completely. I have overcome these challenges telling my mum as soon as I know what I am doing.

Next term I look forward to being more reliable by gathering equipment for discovery time and also to take time to achieve a good result.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Rodie To Queenstown

As I think of childhood memories it is like walking down memory lane.  The memories that  jump out at me, that are the most vivid, are the ones I’ve made with my family.  Family time often includes happiness, love, laughter and surprises for me.

One such memory is the time we had a roadie to Queenstown ….  Ahhh …. Let me take you back in time…..

“Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?” I moaned to mum,  “Just past Ashburton my love” Mum replied.  Soon enough we’d arrived at our first stop - ‘Connolly Street’ named after my Great great grandpa! Who would have thought! We posed here and there for my nanny, Daddy and popa.

Mum was driving and I was fast asleep, dreaming about what Queenstown was going to be like. I had been awoken by two crazy boys picking and pulling at my hair. Driving in between the hills, they seemed to cover the sun from body and slowly bring a chill into the car. We had came out of the cold and torturing hills wondering where the sun was. It was still hiding, but this time it was blinking at us amongst the gaps in the trees.

On our arrival up to our house we unpacked, relaxed, had fun and filled our tum tums. As Mom made dinner we decided to explore outside, grab some fresh air and stretch our legs. We had discovered a hill that started screaming out to as ‘’ Zoom down me’’.   Xavier and I scooted down the hill and in seconds we had to pull ourselves back up the hill. We dragged, then pulled, than pushed, ourselves to the top of the hill.

Day 2… We headed to the luge, seeking  excitement from the beautiful views and the thrill of downhill. Thankfully there was no queue so I leapt in and asked ‘’How do you ride this thing?’’ He answered ‘’Pull here to go, then push back to stop’’ “Ok thanks.” In seconds I was around the first corner, zig zagging down, but then I could not see any further. I had dropped then saw again.  Xavier was just in front but I quickly zoomed ahead and came first place. “In your face,” I said with excitement, daring to go again.

“I am going again, want to race me?” I said to Xavier and Toby. We were so high that the fog had drifted away, so I could see before the drop. Xavier, Toby and I were at the top about to race. Ready… Steady… Gooo… we were of. Around the first corner, then the next, Xavier had smashed into and thought he would get in front, but no Toby had made his way to the front.

It was the last turn till we had to squeeze into the que for us to go again. We watched it float up to the hill where we started. We took a little break so we could stretch because the carts leg space was super small. I begged mum to come for a spin and so she did. I helped mum figure out how to stop and how to go faster and faster like the man told me.

This time me and mum slowly went down and got faster after each corner. It was like that for a short amount of times. She zoomed off in front of me but I obviously creamed her in the end. Man that was such a memorable time with my family - filled with happiness, fun and love.

I have come to the end of my memory. I hope you guys have had a special time with your family like me. That was the best memory for me - filled with love, fun, surprises, laughter and food.

Thank you
From Olive

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Flying Method

Planes and birds - how do they fly? Have you looked up and seen planes and birds gliding through the sky and thought how do these things fly?

Lift:  Lift is a force that lifts an object in the air. Lift is a force that works against weight made by the wings of a plane or a bird.
Drag: Drag works against thrust and it is generated by all the parts of the plane. Drag also slows a plane down.
Weight: Weight is basically the same as gravity because the force of the weight pulls an object back to the ground.
Thrust: Thrust is a force that moves an aircraft forward. It is generated by engines and is a mechanical force.

Well I just really need know how a plane flies? Lift and weight play a game of tug of war, the same with thrust and drag. Lift wants to pull an aeroplane up and weight wants to pull an aeroplane down. The same with thrust and drag. Thrust wants to pull an aeroplane forward and drag wants to slow the plane down. An object will stay at the same speed and travel in the same direction for a long amount of time, you would call that balanced forces. When an object moves in different ways and goes at a different speed, unbalanced forces are working on it.

Over all planes need… the four forces of flight to help guide them through the sky.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


First off, we get into our groups, get the map, then set off. Zoom! Firstmark done then the next… We go from place to place trying to find the hidden marks staring both ways. But wait, we came across Shane's team. He says “ Hey we found a hidden mark.” “Where is it?”  I asked. He said “Up, down, across, side to side, a bit of climbing, and jumping, slipping and sliding, you might find it then”. Finally we did. All the ups, downs,  going across, side to side, climbing,  jumping, slipping and sliding all paid off. 

“I got it! I got it!” I yelled. “Yes!!”. We zoomed back and leaped over the  finishing line. “Yahoo!” I yelled, finishing first. 

I realized the wet oozing water was slowly creeping into my shoes. I thought dry socks, dry socks as I strolled back to my cabin.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Discovering My Whakapapa

My Mum’s full name is Amanda Jane Williams. My full name is Olive Amanda Connolly and my brother’s full name is  Xavier Throes-To-Capua- Connolly. He was named after Xavier Rudd, my name was created by Pipi the seller man's girlfriend.

My mum was born in Rotorua on 22nd of April 1978. I was born in Christchurch Women's Hospital 2007. The 1st January is my birthday. Xavier was born in 2005 and his birthday is the 1st of December. My brother and I are Irish twins because we are one year apart. Mum has lived in Christchurch for 20 years. Dad has lived in Christchurch all his life. I have also lived in Christchurch all my life as has Xavier. 

My Grandmother is from Burma. We have a street named after my last name which is Connolly. This family name comes from my Papa Jerry. On my mum’s side of the family we have an All Black rugby player named Glen Osbourne from back in the old days.

I love all my family and they love me too. Mum and Dad work very hard to keep me warm at night, to keep me safe, to fill my tummy with good food, to get me to a good school and to put a roof over my head. They are lucky to have an amazing daughter that love them to pieces and for me, that they love me to pieces.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HallsWall Quary

On Thursday, we went to Hallwell Quary. This image tells me a lot about the Volcanics and the Volcanos that Robbie talked about. We learnt tons such as… People cut rock by hand, that they played poker to see who would take the first bath, that there are 4 main types of rock which are limestone and basalt rock and the others you'll find out reading this. He said that Banks Peninsula was created by Volcanoes that erupted. I learnt from searching up Banks Peninsula Herbert Peak is the highest point. Lyttelton was created first,  then Diamond harbour, then Akaroa, then the Port Hills and last Herbert Peak,  it took millions of years to become a used island. It was called Peninsula island but now it is called Banks Peninsula. The oldest rock igneous which has been in the world for 12 million years. Loess rock is the last rock they found. I found out that world wide in sea level beginning about 15,000 years ago. One MT is called Te Ahu Patiki being 920 meters high and it overlooks lyttelton harbour. James cook and his group of men found the Peninsula on 17th February 1770, Banks Peninsula is around the middle of the east coast of the south island on the margin of canterbury plains. In Banks Peninsula Volcanoes were active in less than half a million years ago. Large braided rivers pushed the Southern Alps to meet and connect to Banks Peninsula.