Monday, February 15, 2016

The story behind my name

This is the story behind my name. First, my name was created by my mum and dad.  My mum and dad were deciding on my name and then they came up with Olive. My mum and dad said that my name was a real blessing to our family, especially being the first granddaughter. Mum and Dad chose my name a week before I was born. After I was born mum and dad planted olive trees down by the fence line and planted the placenta with the olive trees.

If I were a boy I would of been called Jason.  My full name is Olive Amanda Connolly. My middle name is my mum’s name and Connolly is my dad's last name.

Now I will tell you about my nicknames and how we came up with them. My mum and brother came up with them.  One of my nicknames is Sweetness and my second nickname is Polly, named after my Aunt Polly who was Koro’s sister.

I like my last name because there is a road called Connolly Road. I can connect to my name Olive because it relates to many things such as olives and olive oil.


  1. It was really cool that your name can connect to so many things and your writing is really good

  2. I love your blog because I have a connection because my last name is my dads last name to.