Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Memoir of a special place.

The beach was usual enough; it had
A sea, sand, bushes and trees
Circling it and a shark that
I had never seen before. My family, friends and I did what families do - 
Dived into the sea, got smashed, 
Under the sea, swam roasted meat on a BBQ,
Roley poleyed down the hill.
Doing nothing important.


  1. Olive I loved your memoir it was well written and the title pulled me into the story and I wanted to keep reading and reading I can't wait till your next peace of writing


  2. Great job olive I like your story

  3. Olive you described lots of the things you did with out saying what you did and it put a cool image in my head

  4. Olive when I read your poem it made me feel like I was in that place because it Sounds like you had a really good time.