Monday, May 9, 2016

Soundscape learning reflection

This term I created a soundscape to go with the poetic memoir I wrote. The soundscape helps to show emotions and feelings. I felt like I was on a beach, playing in the sea with my special people.

My poetic memoir was about a special bach I always go to. I learnt that using musical elements helps to create a story with emotion and mood using garageband. My learning is at relational because I can do this…
I can create music (soundscape) using musical instruments to create a mood or an emotion to support a story, poem or photo.

My next step is to move up to extended abstract by being able to take feedback, to help others by teaching them how to use and make a soundscape on garageband, to learn more about soundscapes on garageband. If I move up to extended abstract I will be even better at making soundscape, emotions and mood using garageband.

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