Monday, July 25, 2016

Explain Stereotyping


Stereotyping is a way of making people think the same, feel the same and believe the same as you. It is a way of judging a book by it's cover. If you believe what people say about you and don’t agree you may feel bullied. Judging someone is basically putting labels on someone. It can and will hurt someone's feelings. People stereotype by looks, gender, what country people are from.  Stereotyping is offensive and unfair and it also can bring racism into a situation. 

Examples of stereotyping...

‘Boys like blue, girls like pink.’
I disagree because some boys I know like pink and some girls I know, like me, like blue.  Boys and girls can like the same colour because blue is not a boys colour and pink is not a girls colour. Their choice of colours are not going to be the same.

‘Girls are weak boys are strong.’
I disagree because Valerie Adams is great at sports and is very, very strong. I don't want to be rude but I'm stronger than most boys that I know in general boys are stronger than girls.  Boys and girls strength can be the same and girls can be stronger than boys.

‘Boys stink girls smells nice.’
I agree with that because when I walk past my oldest brothers room it is one of the worst smells that I have smelt.  Boys can smell really bad but when boys have showers and put man smells on they start to smell nice. Girls always smell nice, lol it’s true!

Overall, stereotyping is offensive, mean, leaves people out, judges someone.  If you say boys like blue girls like pink it can be offensive and it also is judging and putting a label on boys and girls. Boys and girls favourite colours could be green or red. So don't ever think that you're different.  When someone says you like something and it’s not true true it’s just what they think about you from the outside, they won't know what colour you like in the inside.

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