Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reflection on my speech

I was proud of the introduction because it really told a story about art. I also think I did well when I chose words carefully like innovative rather than creative. Hhhh, man my challenges, they were worst. Man oh man I had a lot . So here  I go…   picking the subject and making examples.  I did not really overcome all of my challenges but some I did. Here let me tell you them. I overcame my examples  challenge by talking to my teacher Mrs Jones. She asked ‘What do you like?’ I said art and then she gave me 2 examples. Then I was off and good to go for the day.  Overall I feel great about my speech because I know I put great effort into it and  my friends and family love it,  lol I used that in my speech # my friends and family.

 As I practised reading my speech to family members and friends and even people that you might never work with at school. I tried to make the feelings feel alive and powerful, to look at the crowd, talk loud  but not too loud that their ears blew off, not to fast not to slow and be proud don't be like… i was angry i feel sad. I think I did well with facial expressions.  I was good at practicing/speaking in front of people to try and overcome stage fright,  I learnt most words, lines and paragraphs off by heart by practicing at home.  This helped look at the audience as I did my speech.   I was challenged  to  deliver my speech without mucking up.  I did this until I came to my second paragraph where I put some random words in which did not make sense.  I started again to fix the problem.  Overall I felt amazed and happy because I completed my challenge. 

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