Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Discovery Reflection

The activities that I enjoyed most in term one and two was when Ella, Izzy and I  started to make a house and work with box construction.  Of course that was basically what I did for the whole two terms.

My challenges during discovery time was…
Communicating with Ella and Izzy.
Planning ahead.

I overcame these challenges…
by communicating with Ella and Isabella because they did not want to do what I said. Planning ahead was ok I guess, we had to think about what we needed to do and what we needed to bring. 

I have learnt a new skill because me and Ella went on Scratch which is on the computer. It is still fun and you can make games out of it. 

The key competencies I was good at was planning ahead, sharing, taking turns and including others. I was challenged to include people. We could only fit three people in the space we were working in. But then Izzy and Ella did flextangles and Charlie had nothing to d o so I let him join in. 

Taking turns and sharing was ok. It was just that so many other girls wanted to use the hot glue gun and so it felt quite annoying. I am better at sharing and taking turns and I have improved by letting others use the glue gun because I am a nice friend.  Including others was ok as well because I did include Charlie as he did not have anything to do. 

Overall I had fun in Discovery time over term 2 and 3. It was nice doing what we wanted with our friends. I do think the whole class wants a longer discovery time and I think I can say that for the whole class.

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