Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Character named Gold

This is my unknown character. It is a man. His hair is 16cm, straight, it is nice and thin and the colour is brownish blackish. His body is square shaped, his size is normal like a human and his height is 5 foot. He wears comfy, ironed, normal clothes and most days he wears black, red and white. His face is big and square.  He wears a pair of glasses and one ring. He moves his head up then down like he is saying “Sup!” to a friend. Even his hair shines like a small polished table top. OMG! He has…bright, wheat-yellow skin with dark, bulging eyes.

He likes to smoke a pipe, he loves to play games and he is nice but greedy when it comes to food.  He lives under a hill and he loves to hangout in his art room. He knows he has a magical ring and if he puts it on he will turn invisible.  He plays lots of sports with his friend Crag.  Games such as … Two player tiggy, half court basketball.   He loves doing art. He picks up his smooth, silky brush, dips it into magical paint and waves his brush from side to side to create the perfect masterpiece. 

He loves to say “What are those?”  His voice is soft and gentle, he is normally happy and if he is not he would be excited about something. He has got an Irish accent, sometimes he is loud and sometimes he is quiet. He speaks with beautiful and perfect flowing words. 

He hangs out with Mr Crag, he makes him laugh, smile and feel happy. He lives under a hill and his house is warm and cozy because he only has 2 windows in the front, 1 in his art room, and a couple in the kitchen. His house has beautiful colours, lots of nice pictures and he has a special art room that he loves to pieces. He'll stay in there for hours and hours to create perfect masterpieces. He will not let anybody touch his art equipment, or do ANYTHING in his art room. He will only let true artists go in and  draw and work with the paint.

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