Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HallsWall Quary

On Thursday, we went to Hallwell Quary. This image tells me a lot about the Volcanics and the Volcanos that Robbie talked about. We learnt tons such as… People cut rock by hand, that they played poker to see who would take the first bath, that there are 4 main types of rock which are limestone and basalt rock and the others you'll find out reading this. He said that Banks Peninsula was created by Volcanoes that erupted. I learnt from searching up Banks Peninsula Herbert Peak is the highest point. Lyttelton was created first,  then Diamond harbour, then Akaroa, then the Port Hills and last Herbert Peak,  it took millions of years to become a used island. It was called Peninsula island but now it is called Banks Peninsula. The oldest rock igneous which has been in the world for 12 million years. Loess rock is the last rock they found. I found out that world wide in sea level beginning about 15,000 years ago. One MT is called Te Ahu Patiki being 920 meters high and it overlooks lyttelton harbour. James cook and his group of men found the Peninsula on 17th February 1770, Banks Peninsula is around the middle of the east coast of the south island on the margin of canterbury plains. In Banks Peninsula Volcanoes were active in less than half a million years ago. Large braided rivers pushed the Southern Alps to meet and connect to Banks Peninsula.

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