Sunday, August 13, 2017

Flying Method

Planes and birds - how do they fly? Have you looked up and seen planes and birds gliding through the sky and thought how do these things fly?

Lift:  Lift is a force that lifts an object in the air. Lift is a force that works against weight made by the wings of a plane or a bird.
Drag: Drag works against thrust and it is generated by all the parts of the plane. Drag also slows a plane down.
Weight: Weight is basically the same as gravity because the force of the weight pulls an object back to the ground.
Thrust: Thrust is a force that moves an aircraft forward. It is generated by engines and is a mechanical force.

Well I just really need know how a plane flies? Lift and weight play a game of tug of war, the same with thrust and drag. Lift wants to pull an aeroplane up and weight wants to pull an aeroplane down. The same with thrust and drag. Thrust wants to pull an aeroplane forward and drag wants to slow the plane down. An object will stay at the same speed and travel in the same direction for a long amount of time, you would call that balanced forces. When an object moves in different ways and goes at a different speed, unbalanced forces are working on it.

Over all planes need… the four forces of flight to help guide them through the sky.

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