Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Rodie To Queenstown

As I think of childhood memories it is like walking down memory lane.  The memories that  jump out at me, that are the most vivid, are the ones I’ve made with my family.  Family time often includes happiness, love, laughter and surprises for me.

One such memory is the time we had a roadie to Queenstown ….  Ahhh …. Let me take you back in time…..

“Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?” I moaned to mum,  “Just past Ashburton my love” Mum replied.  Soon enough we’d arrived at our first stop - ‘Connolly Street’ named after my Great great grandpa! Who would have thought! We posed here and there for my nanny, Daddy and popa.

Mum was driving and I was fast asleep, dreaming about what Queenstown was going to be like. I had been awoken by two crazy boys picking and pulling at my hair. Driving in between the hills, they seemed to cover the sun from body and slowly bring a chill into the car. We had came out of the cold and torturing hills wondering where the sun was. It was still hiding, but this time it was blinking at us amongst the gaps in the trees.

On our arrival up to our house we unpacked, relaxed, had fun and filled our tum tums. As Mom made dinner we decided to explore outside, grab some fresh air and stretch our legs. We had discovered a hill that started screaming out to as ‘’ Zoom down me’’.   Xavier and I scooted down the hill and in seconds we had to pull ourselves back up the hill. We dragged, then pulled, than pushed, ourselves to the top of the hill.

Day 2… We headed to the luge, seeking  excitement from the beautiful views and the thrill of downhill. Thankfully there was no queue so I leapt in and asked ‘’How do you ride this thing?’’ He answered ‘’Pull here to go, then push back to stop’’ “Ok thanks.” In seconds I was around the first corner, zig zagging down, but then I could not see any further. I had dropped then saw again.  Xavier was just in front but I quickly zoomed ahead and came first place. “In your face,” I said with excitement, daring to go again.

“I am going again, want to race me?” I said to Xavier and Toby. We were so high that the fog had drifted away, so I could see before the drop. Xavier, Toby and I were at the top about to race. Ready… Steady… Gooo… we were of. Around the first corner, then the next, Xavier had smashed into and thought he would get in front, but no Toby had made his way to the front.

It was the last turn till we had to squeeze into the que for us to go again. We watched it float up to the hill where we started. We took a little break so we could stretch because the carts leg space was super small. I begged mum to come for a spin and so she did. I helped mum figure out how to stop and how to go faster and faster like the man told me.

This time me and mum slowly went down and got faster after each corner. It was like that for a short amount of times. She zoomed off in front of me but I obviously creamed her in the end. Man that was such a memorable time with my family - filled with happiness, fun and love.

I have come to the end of my memory. I hope you guys have had a special time with your family like me. That was the best memory for me - filled with love, fun, surprises, laughter and food.

Thank you
From Olive

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