Sunday, October 29, 2017

Arts Reflection

This term we have been learning about the arts.  My learning is at the  relational level because throughout the first 4 weeks we created a dance. I helped choreograph it. I am good at thinking about what elements we need and how it might affect the movements put together for dance.

I choreographed it using these elements… twisting, turning, sliding, stepping, moving high and low, moving in curved and straight lines, moving forward, backward, big, small, fast and slow. Using these we created a 1 minute 10 second piece of art.

I am a hardworking team player and I support others ideas, plus I put lots of effort into our dance to make it as good as it is today.  I could improve my dance by being more bold with the actions and being more open to other suggestions from my group rather than just saying no because it is not the best thing/move for the team.

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